Energy Efficiency Financing Programs - Utah

Utah Public School Zero-Interest Loan Program


  • Sectors: Public school districts
  • Geographic Scope: Utah
  • Types of Measures: Building shell improvements, insulation, window and door upgrades, lightings, HVAC upgrades, and energy control systems. Improvements upon new building projects if the loan is only applied to those costs that bring the energy performance standards above the Utah Energy Code
  • Other Qualifying Criteria: Projects must have a payback of less than 12 years and more than 2 years

Loan Terms

  • Interest Rate: 0%
  • Financing Period: Tied to project payback period
  • Loan Size: Minimum of $5,000, and maximum of $250,000
  • Type of Loan: Revolving loan fund

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Utah State Facility Energy Efficiency Fund

  • Program Sponsor: Utah Department of Administrative Services


  • Sectors: State agencies and institutions
  • Geographic Scope: Utah
  • Types of Measures: Envelope improvements, insulation, lighting upgrades, HVAC upgrades, energy control upgrades, etc.
  • Other Qualifying Criteria: Must be a state owned building

Loan Terms

  • Interest Rate: Determined after the application
  • Financing Period: Determined after the application
  • Loan Size: Determined after the application
  • Type of Loan: Revolving loan fund

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PACE Financing

  •  Summary/Status: The Utah PACE program allows a local Authority to sell bonds and provide loans for energy efficiency upgrades to commercial and industrial properties, with loan financing repayment attached to the property and added to the property tax bill.  The Federal Housing Financing Agency issued a statement in July, 2010 indicating that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would not purchase mortgages if there is a PACE lien attached to a residential property. Most states have stopped PACE financing for residential properties as a result. 

    In 2013, the Utah legislature passed legislation facilitating PACE loans financing for commercial properties. Commercial PACE program development is underway.


  • Sectors: Commercial and industrial
  • Geographic Scope: Depends on local participation
  • Types of Measures: Any energy improvement is eligible

Loan Terms

  • Interest Rate: Determined by investors
  • Financing Period: Determined by investors
  • Loan Size: Determined by investors  
  • Type of Loan: Secured, value of the loan remains with property

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