Milestone 4: Offer Green Building Training Opportunities

The stakeholder group recommends creating a training program that leverages local resources to offer green building training opportunities to staff, industry and the community to prepare for the launch of the green building program. 

Numerous jurisdictions and the ICC Colorado Chapter expressed interest in regional collaboration on a comprehensive training program.  The City of Westminster in 2010-11 is sponsoring a series of classes to educate architects, engineers, contractors, and homeowners about the 2009 energy code. Other jurisdictions have expressed interest in replicating Westminster’s training program and advancing the program to include above-code topics.

Training is necessary to ensure that staff has the capability to provide technical assistance on green building issues to the design and construction community, and to ensure that the building industry is well-trained to skillfully implement green building practices.  A robust training program will contribute to extended growth of green building endeavors long after the training program expires.

Implementation Tools and Resources

For Policy Makers:

For Building Departments: