Milestone 5: Adopt the IGCC with Standard 189.1 and the NGBS with LEED as an Alternative Path

When a jurisdiction in Denver Metro is ready to adopt a green building code, the stakeholder group recommended that all jurisdictions adopt the following programs, codes, and standards to support the goal of regional consistency:

  • IGCC, incorporating by reference Standard 189.1
  • NGBS
  • LEED as an above code alternative compliance path

Within each of the code products, the jurisdiction can set minimum thresholds.  Each jurisdiction must make the following determinations:

  • For residential buildings, identify the minimum level of certification recommended for the NGBS.  Refer to Table 303 “Threshold Point Ratings for Green Buildings” in the NGBS book.  A minimum threshold of Silver would ensure that the energy efficiency component is benchmarked above the 2009 IECC. 
  • For commercial buildings, identify “Requirements Determined by the Jurisdiction” in Table 302.1 in the IGCC Public Version 1.0 or related table in more recent versions.   
  • Identify a minimum level for LEED to be allowed as an alternative compliance path.

Implementation Tools and Resources

NGBS:  The Green Scoring Tool allows builders, designers, consultants, verifiers, & home owners to rate a project against the NGBS and determine if the project is eligible for NAHB’s bronze, silver, gold or emerald National Green Building Certification.  The Tool is available on the web where the user can track all projects, or it is available in an excel spreadsheet.

IGCC: The ICC Green Toolkit contains resources to understand the importance of green codes, where to find training opportunities, media and communication support and the status of code adoption activity.

Standard 189.1: To learn about 189.1, view presentations on each environmental category, find FAQ’s and preview the Standard:

LEED:  View the LEED rating systems that the jurisdiction would like to support, find resources for developing and implementing a green building program, and much more: