SWEEP regularly intervenes and advocates for strong energy efficiency policy in state utility commission dockets in our region.  Here you will find copies of SWEEP testimony filed in select cases:


Analysis of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Draft Volkswagen Settlement  Beneficiary Mitigation Plan: draft plan supports a transition to electric vehicles 

The Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment has released a draft plan or how the state will allocate approximately $70 million in funding that the state will receive as part of the settlement of the VW emissions cheating scandal. The settlement funds are designed to reduce air pollution from vehicles, in order to mitigate the effects of the noncompliant VWs. 
During a public comment period in 2016, the overwhelming sentiment expressed was that the state should focus these funds on helping transition the state to electric vehicles, which have no tailpipe emissions. SWEEP submitted joint comments with Conservation Colorado, COPIRG, the Natural Resources Defense Council and Western Resource Advocates asking CDPHE to allocate the maximum amount allowed under the settlement (15% or $10 million) towards electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and to focus the remaining 85% on replacing diesel transit buses with electric buses. 

Policy Brief: State of Colorado is near the bottom in funding public transit

The United States Federal Highway Administration is considering adopting a set of performance measures which would require state transportation departments and metropolitan planning organizations to track and set performance goals. SWEEP has submitted comments on two aspects of this proposal- whether to adopt a national performance measure focused on tracking and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and whether congestion measures will be primarily focused on vehicle speeds, or will also consider how planning decisions affect trip lengths and transit, pedestrian and bicycle travel.